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We carry a large variety of faceted gems set in exquisite jewelry. With a wide array of crystals and minerals, visitors can choose from all types of precious and semiprecious stones. See our beautiful carved boxes, lamps, candleholders, vases, dishes and other gifts made from precious stones which include: agate, chalcedony, lapis, charoite, marble, jasper, petrified wood, and quartz. Explore the metaphysical side of crystals and their healing effects. Crystal wands, points, pendulums and other specimens are available for your pleasure. We also offer a great selection of books for both children and adults about gemology, rocks & minerals, gemstone identification, beads, crystals, minerals and fossils.

Crystals and Metaphysical Gifts
Explore our wide range of spheres, wands, pendulums, chakra stone sets, and other natural stone phenomena. In this day and age of scientific and spiritual exploration, learn about the healing energy that many believe crystals can offer us.
Faceted Gems and Jewelry
We have a wide selection of faceted stones both loose and set in tasteful settings. We specialize in natural topaz with a large selection of blue topaz in all sizes and shapes. We also have high quality champaign and imperial topaz.
Precious Stones and Minerals
We have a full line of fine jewelry and other unique gifts made from high quality untreated precious stones such as lapiz lazuli, charoite, nephrite and jadeite jades, parrot-wing chrysacolla in rare blue colors and much more.
Amber, Fossils and Petrified Wood
Come see the many forms that amber, fossils, and petrified wood can take, whether mounted just to appreciate their unique forms and colors, or shaped into book-ends, platters, boxes, jewelry, and other imaginative gifts.
Whidbey Island Gem Gallery - 206 First Street Langley, WA (360) 221-0393
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