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Whidbey Island Gem Gallery opened its doors in October, 2009. Its owner, Kim Borgatta her love of precious stones and minerals from her parents, Marie and Ed Borgatta. Ed and Marie used to own a small wholesale gem business in Vermont originally named Gempro Distributors and later named Gemmont. They recently passed on their inventory to Kim before their passing, who decided that it would be appropriate to open a retail store to sell jewelry and gifts made from their beautiful stones. Whidbey Island Gem Gallery also offers a wide variety of unique products made from crystals, precious minerals, and fossils.
Huge American Golden Topaz

This golden topaz is twenty-two thousand, eight hundred ninety-two and a half carats with 172 facets. It was cut by Leon Agee and donated in 1988 to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History by Drs. Marie and Ed Borgatta and the Rockhound Hobbyists of America through the efforts of the six regional federations of minerological societies. Ed and Marie have also donated several other large faceted topaz stones to the Milwaukee Museum in Wisconsin and the Burke Museum at the University of Washington, Seattle.

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